Take Up Space.
Reclaim Your Power.
Cut the bullshit.

Welcome to the space where we learn to stop pleasing others and instead start pleasing ourselves. Break free from the negative self-talk and social conditioning that’s holding you back.

You have reached the side of the internet where we…

Eradicate the toxic whispers within Unleash our righteous wrath  Assert our right to exist boldly Rediscover our strength within

Ways To Hang Out With Me


Sit down with me, your new bestie, tough love coach, and exorcist of self doubt as I spill the tea on different topics around self worth, self esteem, and self love. Grab a cup of your favorite drink, some headphones, and get comfortable. Each episode is like sitting down with your best friend and hearing what she has to say about life.

1:1 Coaching

“Cut the Bullshit, Bitch” coaching is a six month coaching package where you get direct access to everything I have. It is for women who are 100% READY to change their lives, mindsets, and want to get shit done no matter what.


Our annual three day women’s summit filled with meaningful conversations, deep connections, and personal growth. It is for women who want to prioritize themselves for at least three days but grow for a lifetime.


Head on over to my resources page and behold the treasure trove of awesomeness. This page is packed with incredible tools, killer tips, and mind-blowing techniques that will help you crush your goals and kick that mind trash to the curb

I don’t particularly like titles, but using the title “life coach” is one of the easiest ways to describe what I do....

Yes, I’m a life coach - a certified and accredited one at that. Yes, I do believe in manifestation and love having crystals in my house.
No, that’s not what my main form of coaching is rooted in.
Basically I am a combo of life coach, mentor, and bestie filled with curse words, cold brew, and tough love who gives way better advice than your friends do and actually teaches you how to get where you want to go.

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