Come on in! I’m Devan.

Are you ready to become unapologetically yourself?

I certainly hope so because I’m ready to get started with you!

First, a little about me and why I believe we would make a fantastic team!
I am the Self-Worth Coach for growth-minded women and military spouses, a motivational speaker, and the author of the book “What’s Your Worth? And I don’t mean money.” I’m married to an active-duty soldier, and we have a Goldendoodle named Ares and a wild Labradoodle names Iris. We also have two mouthy cats named Toby and Rei, who you might get to meet on one of our Zoom chats.
I am also the creator and host of the exciting and uplifting annual Self-Discovery Women’s Summit, which I hold yearly each Autumn. I really hope you will join us this year!
 I started Developing with Devan, in 2020, after ten years as a program coordinator in the education industry. My education and training were at the undergraduate level in Communication and the graduate level in Organizational Performance and Leadership. Ultimately, I came to a place in my life where I wanted to know and understand myself and why I didn’t value my own worth. Through my own breakthrough to finding my unapologetic self, I followed my heart into the world of self-discovery and personal growth. And here I am!
Now, I am on a mission to empower women, especially fellow military spouses, to facilitate the changes you desire to be unapologetically YOU. I want to help you genuinely get to know yourself and not drag yourself through the week, desperate for the weekend. My passion is to be your guide as you break through societal molds passed down through generations onto women and help you achieve a work-life blend.
Work with Me
To expand my reach to work with as many women as possible, I developed and presented workshops at local and national conferences on: Switching your mindset, Finding your superpowers, Goal setting, Vision board creation, and Strength-based business planning
My hidden talents include organizing just about anything, confidently presenting miscellaneous tidbits of knowledge as fact, and being myself 100% of the time. I can’t wait to find out what your hidden talents are!
Need a speaker for your next event? I’m available!
The topics I speak about are: breaking through societal norms, core mission development, creating a work-life blend (rather than a balance), goal setting & planning, self-discovery, self-awareness, finding & using your strengths, creating your personal strength menu, developing boundaries, knowing your worth, being unapologetically yourself, strength-based coaching
Thank you so much for joining me here. I hope we get to work together to take your life, career, and self-worth to the top!
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