Hi there! I’m Devan.


I am a recovering perfectionist. I like to make a lot of plans, and then wonder why I don’t have time during my day to do adulting things like clean the house or cook dinner. I enjoy buying plants and pretending that I won’t kill them. I am a self development book junkie who never finishes reading the whole book. I am 10x better at saying no when I don’t want to do something than I was 5 years ago. I hate getting coffee mugs as gifts. I am obsessed with taking portrait and boudoir pictures, you can look at my gallery if you want. I’m into the woo-woo stuff, mostly crystals and manifestation. I am finally getting the hang of the meditation thing that everyone is always talking about. 

I have an undergraduate degree in communication, or as I call it a BA in BS. I have a graduate degree in organizational performance and technology, which is basically a degree about how to manage and deal with people in different settings. And I have a certification in holistic life, career and executive coaching to help tie everything together.

I am married to an active-duty soldier. I have a Goldendoodle, named Ares, and a wild Labradoodle, named Iris. Plus two mouthy cats, Toby & Rei, who you will probably see when we chat on zoom. Toby wears a shirt. Rei is named after Sailor Mars. And as I mentioned before I might have A LOT of indoor plants that are surviving and a few that are actually thriving. 

My superpowers are being able to organize anything, stating everything like a fact and being myself 100% of the time. My goal in life is to use my superpowers and all my other strengths to help women break out of the societal molds passed down from generation to generation. I want to empower women to use their voice. Break stereotypes. Reach all their goals. And be whoever the F they want to be without any guilt or shame. To do this I coach people individually, in group settings, through workshops and at my healing retreats and personal development summits.