How to Transform Your Self Doubt

INTRODUCING “TRANSFORMING SELF DOUBT”An audio course to help you turn self-doubt into self-confidence right from your pocket. First 50 Listeners get this course for only $97After that price will go […]

You do not need to apologize for existing.

You do not need to apologize for existing.  I am talking about apologizing, specifically the unconscious urge women have to over apologize. I don’t mean apologizing when you actually have […]

Why I Offer A Sliding Scale

Developing with Devan offers tiered, pay-what-fits-you pricing for coaching. Why? Because I never want money to be the reason you don’t have the support you need. AND I want to […]

Top 10 Songs to Get You Pumped Up

I spend a lot of time alone in my house. It comes with the territory of being a military spouse. So, in order to get out of my own head […]

How Did I Get Into Life Coaching?

Whenever I tell people what I do, it goes something like this. We exchange pleasantries. They have most certainly noticed my pink hair and eventually it gets to this part: […]

A New Way to Help You Decide

Everyone has their own way of making decisions. Maybe you talk it out with a friend, listen to your intuition, work it out with your life coach, make a pros […]