Self-Doubt to Self-Assured

in 90 Days

One-On-One Personalized Coaching Program

with Devan Robinson

Despite what society has led you to believe, being successful isn’t about how much you have, how you look, or how much money you make. It’s about being yourself in a world that has constantly told you since you were a child that your worth is based on how you perform, what you produce, and what society believes is acceptable.
“Get those straight A’s”
“You’d look beautiful if you lost 25 pounds!”
“If you were my real friend, you’d help me out!”
“Good daughters don’t behave that way!”
“If you love me, you’ll do this for me!”
“I need this report on my desk by tomorrow morning!”
And the list goes on and on. You’re at your wit’s end.
You may have tried to go it alone with videos, self-help books, or even leaning on friends, but without an actual game plan, accountability, support, structure, and someone to walk with you side by side through the trenches, you fell right back into those ruts in the road where you’ve been for as long as you can recall.
Maybe the demands on you were just too much for you to allow yourself to break free and find time to care for yourself. Stop blaming yourself for where you are right now. You’ve been conditioned to perform and behave in certain ways due to generational and societal pressures. It’s time to break free and finally live your life your way.
If you identify with any of the statements below, you are most likely not living the authentic life you deserve. We should chat about fixing this. 
  • You second guess making any changes you know will be beneficial to yourself.
  • You say “yes” to things, even when you want to say “no.”
  • You are burned out because you put yourself at the bottom of the priority list every day.
  • You are afraid that setting boundaries will cause negative reactions from your friends and family.
  • You push things under the rug in fear of causing an argument or getting hurt.
  • You tie your value to your productivity levels.
  • You allow toxic behavior to pass because you don’t want to be an issue
  • You feel that you are always responsible for everything, so you people-please to make your life easier
  • You feel like you are failing if you aren’t successful & productive
  • You have a hard time being honest when something makes you uncomfortable
  • You feel like you owe people something
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Once you’ve identified how you’ve been navigating through life treating yourself as an afterthought, you may ask yourself, “Where do I go from here?”
The only acceptable answer is, “Where would YOU like to go?”
From our first chat, you’ll realize your situation will not get resolved based on some cookie-cutter program. Every woman as their own set of challenges, obstacles, and history, so no one program fits all. Your story is unique, and your coaching should be tailored to you. I already see you as the exceptional and outstanding person you are. My job is to guide you as you take the deep dive into being responsible for your own success.
It’s the process of growth, understanding, and evolution that will empower you because you’re taking responsibility for your own happiness. You’re the one building your self-worth. You’re the one who is repaving your path to becoming unapologetically the woman you were always meant to be. My job is to supply you with all the tools necessary to succeed. Your job is to lay those bricks!

Our Ultimate Outcome

  • You’ll be able to handle change without feeling overwhelmed, believe in yourself wholeheartedly, and break down societal molds.
  • You’ll feel confident with your decisions, value your skill sets, and uproot self-doubt.
  • You’ll know yourself. You’ll understand, recognize and own your self-worth.
Taking the first step won’t be easy. It’s a huge step. You’re going to have to get honest with yourself and own how the pressures you’ve been under have held you back. The great news is once you do, the real you will begin to emerge! Our journey together starts by breaking things down so we can understand where you are, identify what’s been keeping you down, and lead you down the path to owning your own life.

A Real-Life Game Plan with Real-Life Applications NOT Theories

  • Neuro-linguistic goal setting
  • Strength finding
  • Removing excessive apologizing
  • Creating boundaries
  • Uprooting limiting beliefs
  • Dismantling negative self-talk
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Not Comparing yourself to others
  • Figuring out who you are, what you want, and your core values

A Toolkit with Actionable Objectives

  • A 12-week plan tailored to your specific needs and journey
  • Techniques to set goals that actually motivate you
  • Customized vision board creation
  • Personality test deconstruction
  • Developing your personal word bank & humblebrag list
  • Limiting belief blaster technique
  • Individualized progress tracking
  • Clearly defined next steps

Real Talk…

Think about it.
When’s the last time you made an investment in yourself or put your needs ahead of everything and everyone else in your life?
The best place to start is a chat. We’ll take 15 minutes to find out if we’re right for each other. If there’s a vibe, we can move forward and get started. If not, that’s fine too, and I’ll try to find someone or something that may work for you, and the only thing either of us will have lost is a little time.
Hit the big button below, and let’s schedule a chat. It’s risk-free with no obligation.
I’d Like to Schedule a 15 Minute Interview With Devan!