How to Get Clear on What You Really Want in Life to Build an Aligned Business

Entrepreneurship? Absolutely, it’s more than just a killer idea. It’s about creating a life and business that resonate in perfect harmony—a stunning synergy. For many of us seeking freedom, launching a business is our way of seizing autonomy and purpose with both hands.

Yet, in the thrilling chaos of startup life and the hustle to keep the dream alive, it’s way too easy to lose sight of our original motivations.

In this blog, we’re going to explore why having crystal-clear clarity on your life’s desires is crucial. This way, your business becomes a powerful reflection of your deepest values, burning passions, and true purpose. And hear me out, this isn’t just for the newcomers in the entrepreneurial world. Whether you’re just stepping into the arena or considering a revamp of your current venture, these powerful steps will help you align your business with your personal ambitions like a true champion.

So, are you ready to transform your business into a fierce representation of your dreams and goals? Let’s dive in. Because when your business aligns perfectly with your personal aspirations, that’s where the real magic happens. Let’s create something monumental, together.

Define Your Core Values

What drives you? Pinning down your core values is like finding your personal cheat code. Integrity, creativity, freedom, innovation – whatever fuels your fire, let these values be your north star, guiding every damn decision.

My core values are growth, community, abundance, love, and authenticity. These values fuel every decision I make. It’s how I know when to say yes to something and when to say no to something. They are my guide to business alignment.

Map It Out Visually

Humans are visual creatures. Sketch your dreams, outline your game plan – make it so visual it jumps off the page and into reality. See your business model come alive, and watch how it aligns with what makes your heart beat faster.

You can map this out physically on things like notebook paper, flip charts, post-it notes, whiteboards or electronically in places like, PowerPoint, Google Slides,  OneNote, good notes, etc.

Create a Vision Board

Turn those dreams into something you can see and touch with a vision board. It’s not just arts and crafts; it’s the blueprint of your future. Stick it somewhere you can’t ignore, and let it silently hustle for you, reminding you of your why every single day.

Experiment and Refine

Got clarity? Good. Now throw it to the test. Embrace the startup vibe, no matter how seasoned you are. Trial and error aren’t just okay; they’re your secret weapons in fine-tuning your vision.

Perfection Is Not the Goal

Chasing perfection is a fool’s errand. It’s about progress, not the elusive “perfect.” Every tiny step forward is a victory. Celebrate it.

Show Up and Do It

Ideas are worth zilch without action. The world’s waiting for what you’ve got, so damn well show up and deliver. Remember, action fuels motivation – get moving.

Speak Your Truth

Ever noticed how articulating your ideas can make them clearer? Whether it’s a heart-to-heart with a friend or pitching to potential backers, speaking your truth solidifies your vision and convinces others to get on board.

Lock down your values, make your goals visual, create tangible reminders, play with your ideas, ditch the perfectionism, take bold steps, and communicate your vision. That’s how you carve a business that’s not just successful but deeply satisfying.

Remember, the sweet spot where your talents and personal values meet the world’s needs? That’s where the magic happens. Take these bold steps today, and build not just a business, but a legacy that’s unequivocally, unapologetically yours.

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Devan Robinson is a woman with a vision to create a world filled with unapologetically successful women. And she is doing this by empowering other women with visions to create beautifully aligned businesses that will give them the freedom to do whatever they want in life.

She has a Bachelors in Communication and a Masters in Organizational Performance and Leadership, plus over 10 years of program coordination experience where she has created and implemented a variety of programs in the educational world.

She is filled with tough love, curse words, and lot of ways to help you start or grow your service based business. Get to know her even more on TikTok @that_bitch_devan or by listening to her podcast Discussions with Devan.

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