1:1 Coaching Support virtually via Zoom, Text and Email

During our sessions I empower you to facilitate the changes you need in order to grow, become more confident in yourself, achieve your personal goals and access your inner power. I support you, give you space to explore your issues and goals, and help you look at things from a different perspective.

Some reasons why people hire a life coach: professional development, personal growth, working through change in their life (moves, divorce/separation, career changes, etc.), big but overwhelming ideas, goal setting, accountability.

$150 per week or $525 per month

Includes: 60-minute Exploration session, weekly 45-minute zoom sessions, access to me via text or email throughout the month as needed

Four 60-minutes 1:1 Coaching Sessions via Zoom 

During our sessions we will work together using my tested goal setting process to clarify your goals, identify what’s holding you back from reaching your goals and determine an individualized short and long term plan to get it done. 

$150 per session or one time payment of $525

Six hours of 1:1 coaching and consulting via Zoom split into two half day sessions

We will work together to clarify and develop your branding kit, business plan, business goals, strategic action plan, media kit and look into anything that may be holding you back or overwhelming you about your business.

$450 per 3 hour session, or one time payment of $925

Weekly coaching in a group context with like minded women looking to grow personally and become apologetically themselves. Each week we will have a specific topic to discuss and work through as we learn from each other and support one another while we grow each week. 

Next Program: Be Your Authentic Self on Saturdays starting February 12, 2022 @ 9-11am EST for 8 weeks

Topics covered: adjusting weak speech, creating your character strength menu, figuring out your needs, finding your superpowers, learning to stop apologizing, creating boundaries, understanding your worth and being unapologetically yourself

$150 per week or one time payment of $925

Overnight & In-person retreat on Moon Lake in Theresa, NY

June 4 & 5, 2022

We will gather together to reconnect with ourselves, work through emotional blockers, dig into our limiting beliefs and become in touch with our knowingness using techniques from reiki, mediation, coaching, nature and breathwork.

$311 (payment plan available)

Includes lodging & food

In the fall each year, women from all over have the opportunity to attend my annual self-discovery summit. This is a three day, two night event at a special location each year. It is the chance for an uninterrupted weekend away to focus on yourself and connect with other like-minded women.  You will be able to enjoy a variety of interactive workshops revolving around self-discovery and personal development.

More details TBA.

$899 per room (payment plans, discounts and scholarships available)

This years location is Syracuse NY 

Friday, September 30 – Sunday, October 2, 2022

When you know who you are, no one can tell you who you should be. 

Client Testimonials

Working with Devan was a pleasure! She made me feel very comfortable discussing my goals, and gave me the tools to work through my concerns without directly telling me what to do. Everything you could ask for in a coach!  

Jess V.

When my search for a life coach began, I honestly had no idea what I was signing up for, but just knew I needed some guidance in some different areas of my life. When I first met Devan, I could instantly tell that she is the most down to earth woman who is ready to listen to what you have to say and then offer her support without having any judgement on your life. She is intuitive about situations, receptive to your feelings, and presents the reality of it to help you see things in a different way. She has helped me analyze different aspects of my life and see where I am and where I want to improve, working on each one little by little. I have a whole new perspective for appreciating life and all that it brings to me after my time with Devan.
Jaryn S.

Devan was an amazing coach to me! During our sessions, she never told me what I needed to do, she guided me and helped me figure out the answers that I probably already knew deep inside but was too afraid to confront. She is kind, honest and understanding. She has zero prejudgment and has your best interest at heart. No matter the amount of time you spend with her, believe me it will all be worth it!
Meagan F.