Bestie, I want you to do whatever the hell you want to do.

Do you want to cover your body in amazing artwork, own a successful and rebellious tattoo shop, while also doing makeup for brides on the weekends, and raising 3.5 children with your hot, wonderful, edgy life partner?

Your Answer Should Be:

Hell yes, let’s do it!

Do you want to teach middle school students the importance of not talking shit about themselves RIGHT NOW so they can be functional, positive self-talk filled adults and can give the bird to social conditioning at an early age while also building your own anti-hustle business and traveling the world?

Your Answer Should Be:

Fuck yes, it’s time!

Do you want to become the boss bitch in a male dominated career field where you get to take names and kick ass while also writing a best selling fiction series about unicorn vampires who rule the third dimension?

Your Answer Should Be:

Yes, queen, let’s go!

Do you have a big lofty dream that you have been putting on the back burner?

Well, what is stopping you?

I’ll tell you what…

  1. Mind Trash
  2. Inconsistent Support

You are telling yourself…

Or any other bull shit pieces of mind trash similar to these statements.

Enter, me.

Your personal support system. Your cheerleader. Your confidante, thought-partner, & bestie filled with tough love, curse words, straight talk, and cold brew who is always here to send you a pep talk, listen to every shitty thing that happened to you today, and help you figure out the next steps.

Your Cheerleader

Your Confidante

Bad Ass Bestie

When we work together we break through the bull shit and work to prioritize ourselves and our goals rather than the desires and opinions of others. 

Together we throw away the mind trash. We get mad. We show up. We curse. We plan. We crush it. 

We build your life together and we build it into something unique to you. We aren’t meant to do life alone, so DON’T. Let’s do it together.

where do you start?

We do it one week at a time using a unique combination of coaching, mentorship, teaching, and co-creation.

Click each button to see our process.


I call this my “cut the bullshit, bitch” coaching package. It’s the only one I have and I only have four slots available for this package so that I can give you my everything.

Vibe Check

Think this is just what you need? 

Was that a “Hell Yes!” I just heard?

Let’s do a quick vibe check! 

Book a free 60 minute coaching call to test it out. 

  • 6 Months of Weekly Virtual 45-60 Minute Sessions (24 Total)
  • One Day Pass to Elevate: Women’s Self-Development Summit
  • Signed Copy of “What’s Your Worth? And I Don’t Mean Money.”
Invest ment

I never want money to be the reason you don’t have the support you need. I want to build a world where money is creating access, not scarcity. So, I’m putting that in action with a pay-what-fits-you sliding scale. I have three tiers to help make sure this program is accessible for everyone. Check out my blog on my pricing here.  

Don’t just take my word for it

I don’t particularly like titles, but using the title “life coach” is one of the easiest ways to describe what I do....

Yes, I’m a life coach - a certified and accredited one at that. Yes, I do believe in manifestation and love having crystals in my house. No, that’s not what my main form of coaching is rooted in. Basically I am a combo of life coach, mentor, and bestie filled with curse words, cold brew, and tough love who gives way better advice than your friends do and actually teaches you how to get where you want to go.