Why I Offer A Sliding Scale

Developing with Devan offers tiered, pay-what-fits-you pricing for coaching.

Why? Because I never want money to be the reason you don’t have the support you need. AND I want to build a world where money is creating access, not scarcity. So, I’m putting that in action with a sliding scale based on the Green Bottle Model from Worts & Cunning and after seeing it in action by Simone Seol.

For my 1:1 Coaching services I am offering three tiers.

Tier One $9997

This is the true cost of the services. It is for people who have access to financial security, own property, or have personal savings. You have all your wants and spend little time worrying about securing needs.

By choosing this price, you are “paying it forward” and contributing to a more equitable world by supporting program access for those with less.

Tier Two $6997

This is for people who may be paying off debt or working to build savings, but who also have access to steady income. You do not spend most of your time thinking about meeting basic needs.

Making this investment might mean you have to cut back short term on some of the extra spending in your life such as going out to dinner, buying new decorations, or taking a vacation. But, it won’t hurt you in the long term.

Tier Three $3997

This is for people who have access to basic needs, though it might feel difficult sometimes. You are able to put away money each month to save up to be able to pay, but the middle tier would mean you have to save for longer than 12 months.

For each Tier I offer pay in full or a three month payment plan.

ALL tiers include the same things.

I also offer an equity scholarship opportunity for those who even the lowest tier price is truly prohibitive, but demonstrate the qualities necessary for this to be a great fit.

Please be mindful of the choice you make. You being honest about your financial situation and choosing the true price you can afford will help me gift this financial flexibility to those who truly need it.

Trying to decide what option works best for you or if this program is even the right fit? Let’s work through it on a free 60 Minutes Coaching call. Book your time here.

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