What’s your worth? And I don’t mean money.

Your guide to understanding, recognizing, and owning your self-worth.

by Devan Robinson

From the book…”Do you know what infuriates me? When women don’t see their value, it seriously frustrates me beyond belief. I find myself wondering, “What’s causing this damaging, negative self-talk and lack of faith in ourselves?” What is it that causes us to question our decisions, undervalue ourselves, and blend into our surroundings? What causes us not to recognize or know our worth?”
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Hello you beautiful, intelligent, talented woman!
Yes, I’m speaking to you! I know right now you may be thinking, “I wish I were that woman,” but you truly are. Sadly, you’ve been programed and conditioned by society, family, friends, and even strangers to see yourself only for what you can produce, not who you truly are. 
Your value is intrinsic to your simply being alive, but do you know your worth? Do you know what it takes to carry the weight of so much ancestral baggage that was handed down to you through generations of women?
I know you feel it. I felt it, too, until I discovered my true self and became unapologetically me.
If you can see yourself in any or many of these, this book is for you.
  • A high achieving woman who constantly underestimates herself.

  • A woman who always pushes herself to the point of exhaustion to reach her goals.

  • A strong and independent woman who has trouble setting personal and/or professional boundaries.

  • A woman who is skilled but is struggling to believe in herself.

  • A woman stuck inside the beliefs passed down to them by others but ready to make a change.

  • A woman lost in someone else’s life and/or career plans.

  • A woman unable to answer the question, “who am I?”.

  • A woman who finds herself apologizing way too often for thins entirely outside of her control.

  • A woman who has been forced into a box designed by someone else.

This book is a must-have for any woman who wants to understand her true value and find her self-worth in a world that tries to dictate who she should be.
“What’s Your Worth?” asks the question, an the book enables you to find the answer. Each chapter guides you through, step-by-step, and includes workbook pages so you can engage with the message in your own words and experiences.
“What’s Your Worth?” isn’t some “self-help” manual. This book is a lesson planner that leads you down the path to finding your own answers and discovering your value and  appreciation for yourself. Become unapologetically you, and start living the life you want, not the one everyone tells you to live.
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